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What To Do In Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. It is one of the three Maritime provinces and one of the four Atlantic provinces. The largest city in Nova Scotia which is also its capital is called Halifax.

Here are some of the best places to visit when you take a trip to Nova Scotia.


Harbour Hopper Tours | Tourism Nova Scotia, Canada
Harbour Hopper Tour

The Harbour Hopper Tour is a fun, fast-paced adventure that introduces you to the best of Halifax by land and sea. 

Riding on a huge amphibious vehicle, you get to tour both the streets and the water. It is a great way to quickly familiarize yourself with the city, see it from different angles and learn about its history from your tour guide.


Maritime Museum of the Atlantic at Waterfront in Halifax, Canada - Encircle  Photos
Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic

The exhibits and displays at this museum bring the maritime history of the province and the North Atlantic to life. Using photographs and personal tales of survivors, excellent multimedia exhibits record the 1917 collision of two ships in the harbor, which caused the well-known Halifax explosion.

On display are items from the Titanic found in the sea during rescue and later recovered, telling the tale of the ship and the people on board.


Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market - LocalHarvest
Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

At over 270 years old, it is the oldest still operating farmer’s market in North America. This market is massive with a wide variety of fresh food, baked goods, crafts spirits, and others.

The Halifax Farmers’ Market was created by Royal Proclamation in June of 1750, a year after the founding of Halifax. The Governor and Council designated a site for the Market – the present-day Bank of Montreal building. 

The Market has operated in several locations across the city since its inception but moved to the Halifax Seaport in 2010 where it is now known as the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.


A Brief History of Pier 21, Canada's Ellis Island
Canadian Museum Of Immigration

Nova Scotia was a major point of entry into Canada. 

Pier 21 is a National Historic Site that was the gateway to Canada for one million immigrants between 1928 and 1971. It also served as the departure point for 368,000 Canadian Military personnel during the Second World War. 

Today, Pier 21 hosts the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21—Atlantic Canada’s only national museum!

Here, you get to explore 400 years of immigration history and the newcomer’s contributions and impressions. 


Lunenburg | Tourism Nova Scotia, Canada

Old Town Lunenburg is one of only two urban communities in North America designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Seventy percent of the original colonial buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries are still there.

Lunenburg is such a picturesque town with its colorful buildings, amazing restaurants, distilleries, breweries, artisans, and unique shops that you will love to visit.

This blog has highlighted some wonderful places to visit that would make your trip to Nova Scotia adventurous and enjoyable. So go on and take an amazing, fun-filled vacation to the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. 

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