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What Is Green Architecture?


Due to mankind’s construction of infrastructures and projects, our planet has been having a climate crisis. This is because constructions contribute to high carbon emissions into the air. But then, ‘Green Architecture’ was introduced.

Green Architecture is an approach to building that minimizes the harmful effect that construction projects can cause to human health and the environment, either through materials and techniques that are adopted in the process or through geographical and social impact.

Green architecture attempts to safeguard air, water, and earth by choosing eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.

This topic of Green Architecture has even been discussed by the likes of Ken Yeang, Richard Rogers, Jan Kaplicky, and others, who are world-renowned architects.

Next, let’s look at some characteristics of ‘Green’ buildings.

A ‘Green’ building to consider while looking at these would be Glenn Murcutt’s 1984 Magney House which was built between 1982-1984.

Magney House: Dial M for Murcutt | BeFront Magazine
 Glenn Murcutt’s 1984 Magney House

Although not all ‘Green’ buildings possess these, here are quite a number of features that makes a ‘Green Architecture’:

  1. Efficient use of energy, water and other resources.
  2. Minimal harm to the environment.
  3. Good indoor air quality.
  4. Adaptive re-use of older buildings.
  5. Ability to adapt to a changing environment.
  6. Landscaping with native vegetation.
  7. Use of non-synthetic and non-toxic materials in construction.
  8. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
  9. Efficient use of space.
  10. Collection and re-use of rainwater.
  11. Maximization of solar power.

It is not necessary to have a green roof or a vertical garden or green wall to have a green building, although these have been done by a number of architects, the main focus of ‘Green Architecture’ is the construction process.

Whether it be homes, offices, schools, hospitals, community centers, or any other type of structure, any building can be a ‘Green building’ as long as it includes some of the features listed above.

Next, it’s time for us to appreciate a few beautiful designs.

Toronto Tree Tower

The Breath-taking Toronto Tree Tower - Sparkle Spaces
Toronto Tree Tower

Architect Chris Precht designed The Toronto Tree Tower, he proposed a residential block made from timber, incorporating staggered walls with plants and trees sprouting balconies.

Park Royal Hotel Pickering

Park Royal on Pickering hotel in Singapore. |  Singapore green architecture - Sparkle Spaces
Park Royal Hotel

This magnificent building was designed by architecture firm  WOHA, which is a Singapore-based practice founded by Wong Mun Summ, and Richard Hassell in 1994.

They have built world-renowned green buildings, such as the Park Royal Hotel Pickering which actually exists in Singapore. It features curved high-rise gardens, reflecting pools, waterfalls, and green walls.

Off The Grid Office

Off The Grid Office | Radman Pejic - CGarchitect - Green Architecture - Sparkle Spaces
Off The Grid Office

Stefan Mantu (Engraff Studio) who is based in Bucharest, Romania, has designed an idea for an ‘Off The Grid Office’ to “illustrate our constant need of bonding with nature”, as he said. Manu refers to the design as an “Exterior Interior”, a term he must have come up with himself.

Now that we’ve come to know all about ‘Green Architecture’, it would be nice to see more of it around the world. We should take care of our environment like it takes care of us.

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